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ChatGPT U Drunk?

They told us those super smart AI overlords will make us all unemployed soon – right ?


Did the CIA Pioneer the modern office workspace?

Elon Musk tweeted an interesting screenshot today. It sounded very much like a bunch of rules applying to the modern office work space. However, it was taken out of a CIA manual from 1944 on how to sabotage a corporation … ugh !?


Wix Upgrade Code

Building a WiX msi installer resulted in duplicate installation when a new version was installed. This was strange, then I have made sure to provide an upgrade code like so:

1<Product Id="*"
2    Language="1033"
3    UpgradeCode="DB9B0021-ED5D-4E9F-B17F-34A72D2D9689"
4    Manufacturer="[Copy Right Info]"
5    Name="[Product Name]"
6    Version="1.0.1">

What is a woman?


Java NIO and NIO2 Overview

Java NIO and NIO2 interfaces bring some improvements to the file/stream interfaces. Let’s see what has changed since the dark ages of the inter-blago-tubes of the 90ies. Here is a brief history of the java I/O interfaces:

  • The first one is Java I/O that is introduced in 1996 in the very first version of the JDK.
  • The second, Java NIO has been added to the JDK in 2002, Java 4.
  • The third, in 2011, in Java 7, Java NIO2 was introduced.

Over time, the following improvements have been added: Buffered readers/writers, bidirectional channels, off-heap buffering, proper support for charsets and asynchronous operations.

Probably the biggest difference between java.io and java.nio is, however, that java.nio can be used in non-blocking mode. This means that multiple streams can run in the same process/thread. This should, in theory, speed up performance because task/thread switching comes with some cost.


#! shebang for C programs

For testing it is sometimes very tedious to always compile and run the small C programs I use as utilities. So I thought, why not use the shebang for this. After investigating how the shebang mechanism works I figured a small bash script would do the trick.


New HTML5 Tags


In HTML 5 a series of new tags were introduced. I would put the new tags into the following caregories:

  • Document Structure: <article>, <aside>, <command>, <figure>, <footer>, <header>, <hgroup>, <nav>, <section>
  • Multimedia: <audio>, <canvas>, <embed>, <video>
  • User Interface (for Web applications): <details>, <datalist>, <meter>, <output>, <progress>
  • Highlighting/Layout: <mark>, <ruby>, <time>, <wbr>

A list of Twitter Files Threads


Why is it so hard to find a combined list of all the “twitter files” threads?

Interestingly wikipedia.com makes it extra complicated by only citing any source but twitter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Therfore I am compiling a list of twitter threads:


Windows: List applications binding a TCP Port

Windows Networking PowerShell

Have you ever needed to know what executable is binding to a specific port on windows?


TimeMachine soooo, yester-year?

Unix bash Backup

The way Apples Time Machine works is really admireable. It is a fascinatingly simple solution in principle: Every incremental backup is a collection of hard links to the last backup. Then only the Files that have been changed are replaced with and updated copy.

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