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Cable Management

With a BL-Touch and an accelerometer on the print head, I suddenly need more wires to the extruder (this is stil la bowden drive Ender 5). So working with what I have at hand, I stripped the plugs from an old Kat5 cable and use it as sensor wire.

So I designed this completely not over engineered BL-Touch and and ADLX-345 holder for my Ender 5.

Holder for ADLX-345 and BL-Touch

An older version of the BL-Touch holder with the ADLX-345 still missing.

Never had such a tidy wiring before on this printer.

After all the wiring has been soldered and put in place, the printer had to be calibrated again. Here is the procedure:

Test Bl-Touch

Check if the wiring is ok, the Bl-Touch is glowing red – good sign.

  1. Check if the touch moves:
    • BLTOUCH_DEBUG COMMAND=touch_mode
  2. check if state can be read
    • QUERY_PROBE: probe: open
    • push with the fingernail against the probe: QUERY_PROBE: probe: TRIGGERED
    • QUERY_PROBE: probe: open
  3. Home and test if the Z-Axis stops
    • G28 start homing
    • wait for Z-Axis to move and gently push against the touch
    • z-Axis should stop, if not power printer off to prevent the nozzle hitting the bed
  4. Restart homing and see if BL-Tocch stops Z-Axis
    • G28
    • Wait, see and pray (be ready to turn off the printer ^^)

Calibrate BL-Touch

X/Y Axis: Measure Offset

This should have not changed, but for goos measure we gonna check again. Mark a position in the center of the bed with tape and move the nozzle to that point.


17:11 mcu: stepper_x:6689 stepper_y:9960 stepper_z:-23251
      stepper: stepper_x:143.000000 stepper_y:137.000000 stepper_z:1.001000

Now move the extruder so that the BL-Touch is above the marker and measure position again:


17:13 mcu: stepper_x:9969 stepper_y:11000 stepper_z:-23251
      stepper: stepper_x:184.000000 stepper_y:150.000000

So the offset is X: 143 - 184 = -41 and Y: 137 - 150 = -13. Let’s update the printer.cfg file:

x_offset: -41.0
y_offset: -13.0

Issue a RESTART command so that the new values take effect.


Do a normal paper calibration.

  1. Start by homing the printer and then move the head to a position near the center of the bed. Run the PROBE_CALIBRATE command from the Terminal.
  2. Use the on screen menu to adjust the Z-Axis using the proven paper test method.
  3. When don click ACCEPT and issue a SAVE_CONFIG.

If the following error occurs:

17:20 Move out of range: 79.000 117.000 -0.151 [0.000]

The manually set a z-Offset in the config , save and restart Klipper. Repeat.

3z_offset: 4

pin layout of the BL-Touch